Our Terms and Conditions

We ask that our guests understand and respect the following terms prior to making reservations and staying with us. Some of these terms are repeated in the confirmation that we send via e-mail, and are repeated on our on-line Booking site (BookYourSite.com) as a condition of making a reservation with us.


Your selected or assigned site will accommodate the size vehicle that you indicated to us in your reservation and we repeated in our confirmation. If you intend to bring extra vehicles or trailers please notify us so that we can make sure we have room for them. There may be an extra daily fee for additional trailers and vehicles. Only 2 vehicles are allowed per site. If your vehicle is misrepresented to us and we have no other place available that will fit you, you will forfeit your deposit and fees.


If you have NOT paid the fee for a guaranteed reservation, your reservation only guarantees that you'll have a space that will fit your vehicle. Although we will attempt to keep you in the specific site you were assigned, you could be moved to allow us to fit others in the park. We rarely need to do that. PLEASE call us if you selected a specific spot for a reason, such as being close to a friend or family member. We will make every effort to notify you prior to moving you and we will send another confirmation if we move you.


You may only have 8 people in a site, including those in tents. Two people are included in the base fee. Additional people over the age of 4 are charged our daily guest fee. If you have more than 8 in your party, please reserve another site for the additional people.


Normally, your site will be held for you for the requested days in exchange for a two-night deposit. This deposit will reflect the base fee only (no discounts, taxes or additional charges) but may include a reservation fee. We agree to hold your site off-the-market until you arrive and for the duration of your stay. Stays of one night only will pay the entire amount due as the deposit. The total amount due at arrival will reflect all charges minus this deposit. Stays of more than 7 days will require a 3 night deposit, and stays greater than 14 will require a 4 day deposit. Group booking deposits made under a single credit card can be done but we will not refund deposits to your card once other members have reserved. You'll need to sort out the finances between the members of your group by yourselves.


If you cancel your reservation prior to 7 days before arrival (on the 8th day by end of business before your scheduled arrival), we will refund all of your deposit minus the reservation fee and the site guarantee fee, if incurred. This cancellation will be confirmed to you using the email address on file. The email will be your proof of a timely cancellation. Please let us know immediately if you do not receive such a confirmation. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that we received your cancellation. If you call and leave voice mail for a cancellation, it is not valid unless you receive a follow-up email confirmation from us. You may be liable for the deposit if you don't make us aware of your cancellation. NOTE: Notification of cancellation for stays over 7 days must be at least 10 days in advance of arrival and for stays greater than 14 days, you must notify us 14 days in advance to receive your deposits back.


If you do not show up at our park prior to our latest check-in time (see your confirmation email), and do NOT notify us by email or phone by 10 AM the next day of your intention to arrive later, we will cancel your reservation and keep your two-night deposit plus reservation fee and site guarantee fee (if applicable). In any case, you will be charged for two nights that you did not spend in our park. An unanswered voice mail message is not sufficient notice to cancel. Make sure you receive an email confirmation of your cancellation.


If you wish to change (not cancel) your reservation within the 7 days before arrival, we will accommodate you, if possible, up to 48 hours prior to your arrival without penalty if you do not reduce the number of days, and it must be within the same season. If we can't find a site for you, you will forfeit the full deposit. Any cancellation within the 48 hours will forfeit the deposit. You may delay your reservation in this way only once.


We do not refund any paid amounts for ANY reason after you are in the park. If you leave early, please notify us of your departure. Any RV site NOT occupied could be rented again even though you have paid for it. (If you are TOURING with a class A,B, or C, let the office know that you will be back.)


Check-out time is 11 AM. Please ask at the office for a later time if required. Late charges might apply after noon. Check-in time is after 12 PM noon. We cannot park anyone after 7:00 PM (6:00 PM after Sep 15). You'll need to stay outside the park if you can't arrive by 7:00 PM (6 PM after Sep 15) and come in the next day after 9:00 AM. You will be charged for the night that you did not arrive.

10. PETS

We do welcome well behaved pets and we have several doggie bag dispensers and disposal stations around the park for your use. Dogs must be on a leash at all times while outside. No long ties that allow the dogs into the street. Do NOT leave your dogs alone outside while gone from the park. Dogs that become a continuing nuisance (excessive barking, aggressive behavior, or failure to clean up after your dog) to other guests could be grounds for asking you to leave. No refunds will be issued for an early departure.


NO recreational drugs, excessive public alcohol usage, firearm threats, brandishing or wearing of firearms in the public view, excessive profanity, aggressive or inappropriate public behavior will be tolerated. We will ask for the Sheriff's assistance in dealing with any such behaviors. If you are asked to leave, there are no refunds.


Quiet time is from 10 PM to 8 AM. Please NO noise of any kind during quiet hours. Please mute all outdoor music after these hours to respect your neighbor. No running generators are permitted at any time while power is available in the park.

13. WIFI

Our WiFi is provided as a courtesy for our customers only while registered in the park. We attempt to provide good service to every site, but we do NOT guarantee access to our internet due to many circumstances that may be beyond our control. Report problems to the office. We require that you turn OFF your own hotspot units in your RV to avoid conflict with our WiFi. No illegal activities will be tolerated using our provided Internet activities. We will cooperate with any law-enforcement agency to ensure state and federal laws are adhered to in the use of our internet.


We assist all guests in finding their sites initially and directing each guest into their site. Ultimately, you are responsible for the safe operation of your vehicle and for any damages to our park or your vehicle.


We provide a playground for your children and public restroom and showers. You are responsible for their safety while playing or using our facilities. We recommend that children under 8 be supervised. We also ask that you notify us of any equipment failures that might cause a safety issue, and report any incidents or accidents to the office immediately. Any young children riding motorized or otherwise toys on our roads MUST be accompanied by an adult within 3 feet of the child.


We are in an area that may contain wild animals, including bears, moose, deer, and raccoons. Please do NOT approach a wild animal. Please store all food items in your RV or other vehicle when not in the park and at night. Store all uncleaned BBQ grills away from the bears. Please notify the office or manager if you see a bear or moose in the park.


The speed limit in the park is 5 MPH. Children are running across roads and do not always look for cars.


We do permit fires in the provided fire rings. DO NOT make large fires, or leave fires unattended at any time. Thoroughly put out fires when retiring. Smoking fires left unattended during your absence or during the night will be doused. Do NOT bring your own firewood from outside our area. DO NOT collect wood from our the forest. We sell firewood at the office that is pest free.


No fireworks of any kind are permitted in the park or in the adjacent forest or roads. The fire hazard here is high anytime of the year. You will be asked to leave if you light fireworks in our park. Sparklers are considered firewords and are forbidden.


We permit tents on your site. Guests in tents must be registered and pay a nightly fee. They must be set up entirely on your site. Please be aware of bears. Tents will not protect against a bear foraging for food. Store food in hard-sided vehicles.


We try to accommodate everyone's need for parking. If you have an extra vehicle or trailer let us know prior to arrival and we will help you find a safe place to park it. DO NOT park it in an adjacent site, or in the road where it impedes traffic. ATVs/UTVs must be parked within the bounds of your own site. DO NOT ride UTVs/ATVs/Motorcycles around the park roads, other than to reach your site. Obey IDAHO laws concerning unlicensed and underage drivers.


State, county and federal regulations require that every sewer hookup be sealed. If you do not have a screw-in type elbow, or a rubber doughnut to seal your sewer hose connection, we sell them in the office to fit most setups.

23. Abandoned RV's

Please notify us in advance if extenuating circumstances prevent you from leaving on time. In the case that your RV is abandoned in our park (left after checkout time on day of departure without previous arrangement) we will attempt to contact you by all means we have available. If we cannot contact you by 2 PM of the day of your departure, we will charge you a $100 late departure fee. If the site is rented to another client that day and we cannot find a suitable site for the new client, we will either move your RV to a on-site storage area, or call a local towing company if that is not possible for any reason. If we store your vehicle, we will charge you additionally our normal back-in rate per night for up to 3 nights, then we will call a local towing company to remove your RV to their storage yard at your expense.

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