Extra Charges

These potential charges are in addition to our nightly base rate for an RV site. Note that any discounts we offer do NOT apply to the extra charges. (Taxes do apply.)

Additional Guests

Our base rate includes 2 guests over the age of 4. We charge $3 per night for any guests over the age of 4 years old.


Visitors are guests that stay less than the full reservation time. Each visitor is $3 per night. Please register these guests on their day of arrival and tell us the number of nights they will visit. These visitors will either sleep in your RV or a tent on your site. We do not permit more than one RV per site for sleeping. Note the charge for an additional vehicle below. We do not allow more than 8 guests in a site, including visitors. If you have more than 8 guests, please reserve another site.

Additional Vehicles

Our base rate includes one vehicle in additional to your RV. This means you can tow a vehicle or have a vehicle towing a 5th wheel or travel trailer without additional charge. You may have one additional vehicle in your site for a nightly charge of $5. We charge $5 for any cargo trailer or flatbed trailer less than or equal to 20 feet you are towing. If you bring an extra truck or auto with a cargo trailer as your additional vehicle, the charge will be $10 nightly. If you have a cargo trailer behind your RV that is greater than 20 feet the charge will be $10 per night.


We charge $5 per night for more than 4 motorcycles in one site.


We do not charge for OHV/ATV/UTV's, unless you cannot park them within your site.

Late Stay Charge

We reserve the right to charge you a half-day rental if you can't exit the park on your day of departure until after noon. Our normal check-out time is 11 AM. Due to other customers that might be arriving after our noon check-in time, you could cause them significant delay. If you don't leave prior to 6 PM you will be charged a full day rental. If we can't arrange for another place for you or the incoming guest, you might be towed at your expense. If you have circumstances that will delay your departure let the office know as soon as possible.

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