Group Site Recommendations

  • 1 and 2: these are directly across from each other. Add 3 & 4 for more sites closeby.
  • 16 & 17: these actually face each other with a good common place to gather in between. Add 15 for 3 RV’s. The forest abuts on the south side.
  • 18, 20 & 21: These 3 sites face each other. Note that site 20 will only accommodate a motorhome or possibly tent trailer. Add 19 for additional RV. The forest abuts on the south side.
  • 47 & 57: These are back to back with only forest trees between the sites. Site 47 campfire ring is behind the RV closer to site 57. Add site 48 for another RV.
  • 29 & 27: These are pull-thrus with plenty of room between them for sharing. Add 46, or 28 for additional RVs.
  • 44 & 55: These are back to back with forest trees separating them. The fire ring for 44 is close to 55. Add 43 and 54 for more RVs.
  • 37 & 35: Even though these two sites don’t face each other, they are close and are by themselves with a bit of forest behind.
  • 42 & 53: These two site are back to back with a little forest in between. 53 is limited in length of RV. Add 41 and 43 for additional sites.
  • 43 & 54: These two sites are back to back through trees. Add 44 and 45 for additional sites.
  • 66, 60, 65 and 64: These are nice group sites. Note that 66 is no sewer and won’t fit an RV over 25 feet, but does make a nice tent only or popup site.
  • 46 & 56 These are back to back. Add 57 and 47 for additional sites.
  • 53, 62, 41, 42 and 63: These are close to the Reunion Cabin. There is a gate in the fence that makes it easier to get between the house and the RV sites.

Let us help you find the ideal sites for larger groups. Note that the earlier you reserve the better chance you have to find the best group setting. We begin to fill by January, so call early. Call us at 208-716-5959 for help in arranging your reunion or group vacation. Note that our Reunion Cabin is adjacent and will hold up to 20 people.

Click HERE for 360 degree panorama images of each RV site.

Click HERE to view your site on an aerial map of our park.

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