Frequently Asked Questions About Our RV Park:

YELLOWSTONE GATE - How far are you from the west gate of Yellowstone Nat'l Park? What are the fees?

We are about 25 miles to the west gate of Yellowstone National Park. It is a pleasant and fast drive north on US20. With traffic it should take between 25 and 30 minutes. Click here for information about entrance fees.

TOUR YELLOWSTONE WITH MOTORHOME- Can we use our class B or C motorhome to tour Yellowstone and park late at night?

Although we would recommend renting a car if you have a motorhome over 20 feet long to tour Yellowstone Park, there are no legal restrictions, just narrow roads and lots of traffic. See our section below on Car Rentals. Yes, you can tour in your motorhome during the day and come in to our park at night, EXCEPT the arrival day. You must register prior to 7 PM on the day of arrival. However, because of the trees in the park, we'd recommend getting in every day prior to sunset. See Sunrise/Sunset information for our park here.

PROPANE - Where can we buy Propane?

The nearest place to us is Island Park Builders (208-558-7552) next door. Ask us at the desk for the exact place to park and fill up. The next closest place is Robin's Roost Chevron station (208-558-7440), at 4150 N Big Springs Road in Island Park.

FISHING - Where can I buy a license, bait and fishing gear?

There are several places in Island Park for fishing equipment and licenses. Next door is Builder's Supply (208-558-7552) , 3 mi north is Robin's Roost Grocery (208-558-7440), North about 8 miles is Drift Lodge (208-558-0152). Henry's Fork Anglers (208-558-7525) is in Last Chance, about 10 miles south. Remember that you need separate fishing licenses for Montana and Yellowstone Nat'l Park. Click here for a map of fishing guide locations on Google or here for a list of local guides. Here's a nice guide for catching trout.

PETS - Can we bring pets? Are there Restrictions?

Yes, pets are welcome, as long as they are well-behaved. We do have a leash requirement in the park. Also, we ask that you don't leave your dogs in your units for an extended period. They tend to bark and disturb others. In Island Park, close by, the Paw Spa (208-558-7278) will provide day care for your dog. There is limited availability, so call first. She also can groom your dog.

You might also ask at the office if anyone is available to walk them for a reasonable fee periodically if you do leave them. Of course, we ask that you pick up your dog’s poop. Anyone with dogs that threaten others or make a continuing nuisance of themselves will be warned and then will be asked to leave if no change happens. Here's the PET POLICY in Yellowstone Nat'l Park.

FIREWOOD and FIRES - Can we use our own firewood and build a fire?

We have fire rings. We require that you build only small fires and DO NOT leave them unattended at any time. Put them out completely before retiring. The US Forest Service requests that you use certified firewood free from pests. Our forests are being threatened by several invasive beetle species. We sell certified firewood at the office.

EMERGENCIES - Are emergency medical services available?

If you have a medical emergency that requires immediate care, dial 911 and tell them where you are (in Yellowstone RV Park at Mack's Inn, on the corner of US20 and South Big Springs Road, give your site #.) Our area is served by the Fremont County EMTs. There is an ambulance only about 3 miles from us and advanced EMTs respond very quickly. Patients are evaluated and either released, taken to either Rexburg or Idaho Falls Hospitals by ambulance or in critical cases a helicopter is dispatched for quick travel to the hospital. There is a local medical clinic (208-558-7766) at Pond's Lodge (about 5 miles south) but they have limited hours and days, so call first to find out the current hours.

EMERGENCIES - Are there any pharmacies in the area?

The closest pharmacies to us are the SilverTip Pharmacy (406) 646-7056 West Yellowstone (23 miles) and the Community Pharmacy (208) 652-3932 in Ashton, ID (32 miles).

EMERGENCIES - How Do I contact the managers of the RV Park outside business hours?

If there is a crime that has been committed or is in progress, the Fremont County Sheriff will respond to 911 calls. The Sheriff's dispatcher's phone number for non-life-threatening emergencies is (208) 624-4482. Normally, someone will answer the RV Park's office phone (208-716-5959) until about 9 PM and after 7 AM. We discourage calls that could be handled during office hours. However, if there is a true emergency, the managers live in Site 39 (next to the office). Any in-park (non-life threatening) disturbances should be reported to the manager.

GROCERY STORE - Is there a grocery store nearby?

Our RV office has a very few snack items (ice cream, candy, soda), some RV items (water & sewer hoses), firewood, ice and souvenirs (post cards, magnetic cards, books, mugs). Across the street at the Stage Stop fuel station they have more snacks. However, the only grocery store in Island Park is at Robin's Roost Chevron about 3.3 miles north on US20. They have a limited selection of quite a few items. If you are coming North to our park, you might stop at Dave's Jubilee Market in Ashton (35 miles south on US 20), right off the highway. If you are coming from West Yellowstone, we suggest one of the two grocery stores in town, the Market Place and Food Roundup. These are about 22 miles North on US20. There is a WalMart Supercenter in Rexburg, Idaho, about 55 miles south on US20.

WEATHER- What kind of weather can I expect at your park?

Our weather during the late spring and summer is relatively mild compared to the rest of the country. We are at 6500 feet and mountain weather prevails. While brief snows are possible in May, early June and late September, they rarely stick to the ground. High temperatures are usually in the mid-70's or 80's during the summer, with a rare excursion into the low 90's in early or mid August. Our campground is in the pines so there's plenty of shade to keep you cool. Freezing night-time weather occurs occasionally in May and September, but only lasts a couple hours. Visit our weather station on Weather Underground for current weather conditions at our park.

RESTAURANTS - Are there good Restaurants nearby?

Island Park has several good places to eat. Closest to us is Cafe Sabor. This is a great quality Mexican style Restaurant. North on US20 near North Big Springs Loop road (on the left) is Connies. This is a more upscale Restaurant with American cuisine. Nearby is Subway. Further north in the forest is Meadow Creek. South of us are several Restaurants including Ponds Lodge, Angler's Lodge, Trout Hunter, Henry's Fork Lodge & Restaurant, Lakeside Lodge & Resort, The Pines, Elk Creek Ranch, Shotgun Grill and Grub Stake and Mountain Deli. Yellowstone Playhouse does a dinner theater (no dinner in 2020). Here's a list from Google on a separate tab of your browser. There are too many to mention here in West Yellowstone, 25 miles north of us. Ask at the desk for menus.

CHURCHES - Are there any churches nearby?

A few steps away, walking distance from our park, are two churches, one (to the north) is an Interdenominational Christian Church called the Little Church in the Pines. They have Catholic services Saturday evening. The other is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (to the east). North on US20 a couple miles is the Mountain View Church (services Wednesdays only). Our Lady of the Pines Catholic Church in West Yellowstone: 437 Madison, West Yellowstone, MT (corner of Madison & Geyser). There are other Christian churches in West Yellowstone. We are not aware of churches of other faiths in our area.

MAIL DELIVERY- Can we pickup mail at your park?

For the safest handling of mail, consider sending it to General Delivery, right next door at Mack's Inn Post Office in the Island Park Builders Supply store (208-558-7070).

Address it this way:

Your Name

General Delivery

Macks Inn, ID 83433-9999

PACKAGE DELIVERY - Can we address UPS or FEDEX packages to your park?

Yes. Address them as Your Name, c/o Yellowstone RV Park, 4104 South Big Springs Loop Rd, #127, Island Park, Idaho 83429

We ask that you keep track of your packages and plan to pick them up from the office as soon as they are delivered for security sake. Please consider the timing of the delivery to coincide with your stay here. If you are NOT in the park, the package may be sent back to sender unless you have it redirected.

STORAGE - Can we bring our own UTVs/ATVs and trailer?

Yes, depending upon your site, you might have to park your trailer in a storage area away from your site. There is a $5/ day charge if they are parked off your site. Please let us know when you reserve if you have a trailer and/or lot's of machines so we can help find the best site for you.

LAUNDRY - Is there a place to do our laundry while at your park?

Yes. We offer a change machine and a laundry pod dispenser.

LODGING - Can you recommend a place for visitors without RV's to stay nearby?

We have our own large reunion cabin that sleeps 20. We have 2 cabins in 2020 that sleep 4 or 6. Call us for more information. The Marriott Springhill Suites next door has hotel rooms available. Sawtelle Mountain Resort is about 4 miles north. Drift Lodge (208-558-0152) is about 6 miles north and has a few cabins. There are a few others plus many vacation cabins. Use Google Maps to search for lodging in this area.

LOCAL ACTIVITIES: Are there nearby places to hire kayaks, canoes, rafts and horseback riding tours?

Horseback Riding

  • Dry Ridge Outfitters at Harriman State Park, Web page
  • Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch: Web page
  • Diamond P Ranch: Web page
  • Kayaking/canoes/rafting and shuttles to drop-off point:

  • Mack's Inn Resort Web page
  • CAR RENTAL - We would like a car to drive for touring Yellowstone

    There are several rental car companies in Idaho Falls. There is one in Rexburg, ID which is closest. Reserve an Enterprise Car in Rexburg (208-356-8889) here. You can stop on your way to our RV Park (except Sundays) and pick it up. It's about a 60 mile drive to our park from Rexburg. If you are coming from the north, Budget Rental Car (406-646-7882) offers cars at the West Yellowstone Airport, only about 28 miles from us. Make sure you reserve far in advance.


    Salt Lake City Express has two daily stops at the Stage Stop next door. They can take you to West Yellowstone or many points south (like the Salt Lake City Airport) for a modest fee. See their website for schedules and tickets.

    Yellowstone Road Runner is a taxi & charter service. They will take you almost anyplace for a fee. Call them at (406) 640-0631.

    RV RENTAL - We want to join our friends at your RV Park but we don't have an RV. We'd like to rent one nearby.

    There are RV rental places in Salt Lake City, but nearby is Trifecta Rental (208- 521-7533) in Idaho Falls and Smith RV (208-535-2500) in Idaho Falls. Check out where individuals rent their RVs.

    RV REPAIR - Who can I find to fix my RV?

    There are a few mobile RV Repair companies within 25 miles that may come to our park. RV Fix-it Pro 801-831-8111, RV Repair Mobile 480-495-9579, Mobile RV Tech 406-682-4100, Mobile One RV Repair (509) 262-8284.

    AUTO REPAIR - Who can fix my truck or replace my battery or fix my tire?

    The Repair Shop is only a couple miles south of us. They offer battery, tire, engine and towing services except Sundays. (208) 558-9086

    UTV Rentals - Where can I rent a UTV or ATV nearby?

    There are several companies that rent UTVs for off-road travel. If you want to rent a UTV or side-by-side, click here for rental companies in our area.

    ATV/UTV - Can I bring my own off-road vehicle(s)? What are requirements?

    Yes, of course you can bring your ATV or other off-road vehicle. However there are various requirements you should be aware of to avoid getting fined. Here's an Idaho Brochure that summarizes those requirements. Please ask at the office about places to park your ATV in our park. We appreciate you NOT riding the vehicles around in the park for fun.

    ATV/UTV - Are there off-road trails I can take from your park?

    Yes, there is a network of off-road trails accessible directly from our RV Park. Click here for a sample map of the trails. Ask in our office for a free trail map.

    FACEBOOK - do you have a Facebook page?

    We have a Facebook page and we often share photos of our park and surroundings. You can also review our site there and ask questions. Click here to load our Facebook page.


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